Büyükelçinin Mesajı

Distinguished Visitors,

I officially assumed duties as the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to the Slovak Republicon 15 November 2016.

Turkey recognised the Slovak Republic right after it gained independence and as of 5 April 1994 was among the first countries which opened an Embassy in Bratislava. Despite the fact that diplomatic relations were established 22 years ago, the interaction between Turkish and Slovak peoples and the foundations of their friendship date back to the 16th century.

As the book by Lubomir Krizan “The Traces of the Turks in Slovakia: Truths, Myths and Legends” published in 2011, confirms, the interaction and friendship between Turkish and Slovak nations back to approximately 500 years ago. This book unveils how the traditions, cultures and customs of the two nations deeply influenced each other. For example, the book reveals that watermelon, chestnut, buckwheat and tulip had been brought to the Slovak culture by Turks.

During the First World War, among the wounded and sick Turkish soldiers retreating from the Galician front, the dead had also been buried in Slovakia. They are a solemn memory of our common history.

Today the level of bilateral relations between Turkey and Slovakia and their cooperation in the multilateral platforms is highly advanced. Nevertheless, there is a conducive ground and ample room for further improving relations on political, economic, cultural and other areas with Slovakia.

As two NATO allies, Turkey and Slovakia have similar approaches to international issues and share similar understanding regarding global and regional security. They collectively make concrete contribution to peace and stability. We are also pleased with the momentum gained recently in relations with Slovakia in the field of military and defense industry.

We appreciate Slovakia’s support for Turkey’s EU accession process. Turkey considers Slovakia as one of its closest friends in the EU.

The volume of our bilateral trade with Slovakia which was 60 million Euros in the year 2000, reached to the level of 1.23 billion Euros in 2015. Mutual direct investment relations between two countries are developing as well.

Besides the high momentum of development of our official relations with this country, we are also pleased with the increasing sympathy and friendship between Slovak and Turkish peoples. The number of Slovak citizens who visited Turkey in 2015 reached to 151.000. The launch of direct flights between İstanbul and Košice by Turkish Airlines on 16 June 2016, marks a significant sign of enriched relationship between the two countries.Under the cooperation agreement signed on 4 June 2012 between Yunus Emre Institute of Turkey and Comenius University in Bratislava, a Turcology Center has launched its activities in the latter. A lecturer assigned by Yunus Emre Institute currently gives lectures of Turkish Language in the university. In addition, Turkish language courses at Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica have been conducted by a lecturer assigned by the Ministry of Education of Turkish Republic, since 2008.

Turkish and Slovak peoples are brought closer through Turkish TV series widely watched in Slovakia and also by Slovak sportsmen who play successfully in Turkey.

During my tenure as Ambassador, I will do my best to further advance Turkey’s relations with Slovakia.

The doors of our Embassy and also of Turkey’s Honorary Consulates in Banska Bystrica and Košice will be always open with regard to enquiries of our valued citizens and our Slovak friends.

You can follow our Embassy‘s activities and announcements through our offical website (
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Facebook (T.C. Bratislava Büyükelçiliği) and Twitter (T.C. Bratislava BE) social media channels.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to greet all of you with respect and affection and wish you the best.

Aslıgül Üğdül


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