Büyükelçinin Özgeçmişi

Personal information

Born on 06.06.1957 in Ankara

Married, two children

Speaks English and French

Educational background

1963-1974T.E.D. Ankara College

1976-1980B.A. on Political Science and Public Administration, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Middle East Technical University

1980-1981M.A. on International Relations,

University of California, Berkeley

Diplomatic career

1982Joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA);

1982-1984Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate General forCultural Affairs- Third and

Second Secretary

1984-1986Permanent Delegation of Turkey to UNESCO-Third and Second Secretary

1986-1988Consulate General of Turkey, Thessaloniki-Vice Consul, Consul

1988-1990Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate General for Bilateral Political Relations, Bilateral Political Relations with Greece-First Secretary

1990-1993EUREKA/Brussels-International civil servant

1993-1994Consulate General of Turkey, Antwerp-Consul

1994-1995Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate General for Bilateral Political Relations, Bilateral Political Relations with Western European Countries- Chief of Section

1995-1996Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate General of International Political Organizations, UN Programs, Drug-Trafficking, Organized Crime Department- Chief of Section of the UN

1996-2000International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)- First Counselor, Deputy Permanent Representative of Turkey

2000-2002Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate General for the Overseas Promotion of Turkey- Head of Department

2002-2005Secretariat General for EU Affairs, Prime Ministry Department of Political Affairs- Director for Political Affairs

2005-2010Permanent Representative of Turkey to UNOG and Other International Organizations in Geneva- Minister Counsellor, Deputy Permanent Representative

2010-2012Ambassador of Turkey to Senegal

2012-2013Diplomatic Adviser to the Minister of Family andSocial Policies

2013-2016Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate General forEurope, Director General

November 2016-Ambassador of Turkey to the Slovak Republic

Hatice Aslıgül Üğdül Ambassador
Monday - Friday

09:00 - 12:30 / 14:00 - 18:00

Consular Section: 09:00-12:00
1/1/2020 1/1/2020 New Year Day and Independence Day
1/6/2020 1/6/2020 Epiphany
4/10/2020 4/10/2020 Good Friday
4/13/2020 4/13/2020 Easter Monday
5/1/2020 5/1/2020 Labor Day
5/8/2020 5/8/2020 Victory over Fascism Day
5/24/2020 5/24/2020 Ramadan
7/5/2020 7/5/2020 St. Cyrilus, St. Methodius Day
7/31/2020 7/31/2020 Eid al-Adha
8/29/2020 8/29/2020 Slovak National Uprising Day
9/1/2020 9/1/2020 Constitutions Day
9/15/2020 9/15/2020 Our Lady of seven Sorrows
10/29/2020 10/29/2020
11/1/2020 11/1/2020 All Saints' Day
11/17/2020 11/17/2020 Day of Struggle for Liberty and Democracy
12/24/2020 12/26/2020 Christmas