Turkey, 23.5.2017


The Turkish Republic is a democracy governed by the rule of law. An ever growing civil society and robust media underpin pluralism in Turkey. Most Turks are Muslims but the Republic of Turkey is a secular state.

The Republic of Turkey with its pluralistic political system, healthy free market economy and social tradition of reconciling modernity with cultural identity, sets the example in the Muslim world of a genuine democracy adopting fully the universal values that constitute the internationally acknowledged norms of today.


Turkey, a country of utmost strategic importance in the world due to its geopolitical location, is on the crossroads between the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa, which are referred to as the “Lands of the Old World”. This country, enjoying a wealth of divine gifts of all kinds of scenic wonders, is a unique bridge between all faiths as well as Eastern and Western civilizations.

Turkeyis linked to the oceans through the Black Sea, Marmara and Mediterranean Seas, which encircle it on three sides. Turkey has been the epicenter of major trade and migration routes throughout history. The country borders Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran to the east, Bulgaria and Greece to the west, and Iraq and Syria to the south. Turkey, although does not have common land borders, also enjoys fruitful cooperation and is in constant interaction with Romania, Russian Federation and Ukraine, all being countries of the Black Sea region.

Turkey, which is rectangular in shape, has a surface area of 814,578 square kilometers. In this respect, it is greater in size than all of its neighbours except Iran and all European countries except the Russian Federation. The land segment on the European continent with 3% of its total area is called Thrace, and the remaining 97% landmass in Asia is called Anatolia. But even its territory in Europe is bigger in size or almost equal to those of many other European countries.

In Turkey, which is located in the temperate climatic zone, it is possible to enjoy the four seasons and different climates simultaneously. People can both swim in the sea and go skiing at the snowy mountains even the same day.

According to theadress based population registrationfor 2016,79.814.871 people are living in Turkey.

The official language in Turkey is Turkish. A language of Ural-Altaic origin, Turkish is spoken by over 200 million people, from Eastern Europe to China. It is the 7th most common language among almost 4.000 languages spoken in the world today.


Europe is our common home that we have united around common norms, principles and values. As a part and parcel of the European family, Turkey not only has influenced the political, economic and socio-cultural developments in the Continent but has also been influenced by them. An overall evaluation of the history of Europe cannot be made without analyzing the role that Turkey played in the Continent. As in the past, the destinies of Turkey and other European countries are intertwined. We face the future together. In this context, our goal to become an EU member is a strategic choice.

Turkey’s accession will increase the size of the European internal market and strengthen the relative competitiveness of the Union in the global economy. Turkey will constitute a true asset for the Union, with its geostrategic location, large economic potential, educated and dynamic population and with its visionary and multidimensional foreign policy. Turkey’s accession to the EU will bring an added value to the Union, not a burden. Carrying forward this relationship with the ultimate goal of membership is of a strategic importance for both Turkey and the EU.

Turkey continues to take resolute steps towards full membership. Development of democracy and human rights, institutionalization of free market economy and establishment of modern life standards in every field are among the most fundamental dynamics of Turkey's EU policy.



The state of the excellent relations between Turkey and Slovakia constitutes a good basis for further development of our bilateral cooperation in various fields. Significant priority is also being devoted to economic and cultural areas.

The trade volume between Turkey and Slovakia has been amounted to 1 billion34 million US Dollars in 2016. Exports of Turkey towards Slovakia has beendecreased % 29,6,while imports of Turkey from Slovakia has been increased % 10,8 in 2016.

As a matter of fact, neither the Turkish side, nor the Slovak authorities regard this volume as sufficient when taking into account the current economic potentials of both countries. We believe that it is essential to find common ground and incentives to enhance the ever existing cooperation among our entrepreneurs in order to further boost our bilateral trade, and we are working in that direction. We also attach great importance to the realisation of reciprocal investments in both countries with regards the improvement and deepening of cooperation in the field of economy.

The number of Slovak tourists visiting Turkey reached 61.477 in 2016.

We geared efforts to encourage Turkish tourists to explore the beauties of Slovakia as well. Certainly, these interactions will drive our two nations much closer.

We expect the steady continuation of development of our relations in all areas of mutual interest in the future. The high growth rate of both countries as well as their unique geo-strategic locations will continue to be the driving reasons for furthering political and economic cooperation between Turkey and Slovakia.


Yunus Demirer Ambassador
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