Statement On Coup Attempt

Bratislava Büyükelçiliği 21.07.2016

The developments unfolded in Turkey since 15 July have been widely covered in the Slovak media. Whilst some reports aim to inform the public about the events and situation in an objective way, it is also observed that some unfounded news and biased comments have also appeared, which disseminate misleading information. In an attempt to provide the Slovak public and media with the first hand, reliable and comprehensive information, the Turkish Embassy in Bratislava would like to share the following:

On 15 July, we have witnessed a bloody and treacherous attempt to overthrow the democratically-elected Government and the constitutional order in Turkey. The fact that the plotters have attempted to assassinate the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who escaped the attempt by15 minutes, bombed the Parliament building, the Presidential Palace and the Police Special Forces Department by F-16aircraft and by military helicopters and targeted by tanks and guns civilians who resisted to the coup demonstrates the graveness of the danger posed by this coup attempt.

This attempt was foiled thanks to the courage and braveness of the Turkish people who stood up for democracy in unity and solidarity, and to the brave action of the security forces. It must be noted that the Turkish media also played a key role in subsiding the coup attempt. Unfortunately, the heavy price of the events was 246 innocent lives, including police officers, soldiers, civilians and nearly 1,500 wounded.

According to the irrefutable evidence and as also admitted during the initial hearings of the detained plotters, this coup attempt was conducted by a group of plotters in the military, linked to the Fethullah Gülen Terrorist Organization (FETÖ).

FETÖ which staged this treason has dangerous undercover networks not only in the army but also in several state organs. In the context of the ongoing measures for public order and security, a nation-wide State of Emergency was declared as from the 21st of July 2016 in accordance with our Constitution and in full observance of European Convention of Human Rights.

State of emergency is a measure permissible under international law taken by many states when there is an imminent threat to its security and order, as it is the case with France who has recently extended for another six months the country wide state of emergency. It is evident that Turkey has faced serious and multi-dimensional security threats since 15th July.

The state of emergency will not affect fundamental rights and freedoms of our citizens. On the contrary, it is a nation wide measure taken for the efficient protection of the constitutional order as well as fundamental rights and freedoms. Utmost importance is duly being shown to this end.

Democratic structure of the state will be protected and the rule will continue to be upheld.


Yunus Demirer Ambassador
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